The Best Ways to Go about Writing an Essay for College

essay-for-collegeHow do you write an essay? It’s easier for some people than others. Not everyone has the inclination to write or has been bitten by the writing bug almost to the point of suffering from hypergraphia or something. However, there are some tips you can follow in order to truly become an essay master in your own right. When writing a college essay about any topic, it’s best to make a brief outline of what you want to say. Put in a beginning, middle, and end to your essay. Structure it in such a way that the introduction gives you a taste of what’s being discussed, the middle deals with the potential conflict and serves as the meat of the essay, and the end discusses the conclusion that ties together everything that’s been discussed and answers the topic you’re attempting to discuss.

The Key to Writing Good Essays

* In order to write a good (English) essay, you should be aware that essays are made for the sake of self-expression. There is no right or wrong answers when making an essay (technically) because it usually involves you (whether you’re in elementary or in college) to create an essay based on everything you’ve studied, showcasing how you’ve understood it. The only way you can get a wrong answer or a lower grade than most is to misunderstand the topic.

* The thing you shouldn’t do when writing an essay is to veer off of the established topic. For example, when writing an essay on abortion, it’s okay to talk about feminism and women’s liberation because they’re related topics. Ditto your own personal experiences with abortion or even the men’s perspective on it. You can even discuss the perspective of pro-life activists if you are one.

* What you shouldn’t do is veer off course and discuss, say, the pros and cons of not having babies (tangentially related, but you’re not discussing abortion) or what it would be like to keep the baby instead of aborting the tyke (also barely connected and you’re still not discussing the topic). As long as you’re able to stick to the topic, you should be fine no matter what personal take or spin you put onto it.

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